Vocal scores of the music to be sung are acquired by the Society’s librarian (Kyle Hayes). You will be asked to indicate by a show of hands whether you will require a hired score or if you have one of your own. If you wish to purchase your own copy you are welcome to do so, but remember that many works are published by two or more publishing houses. Check with the librarian which edition we will be using before buying.

Hired scores are collected in immediately after the conclusion of the performance. As we enclose our music in folders for a concert performance, you are asked to remove music from the folders, and hand the folders in separately.

Deciding What We Sing        

Members may make suggestions for future programmes to the Chairman during the course of the year. A list will then go before the Musical Director and the committee. The coming year’s programme is announced at the AGM. Members should be aware when requesting items that only a small-to-medium sized orchestra can fit into our usual concert venue and that works needing large numbers of solo singers are also unlikely to be chosen for reasons of cost.








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