Membership Details

We are a community choir and no auditions are held. A love of music and a deep commitment to the Society and its activities is all that is required. For more information  please contact : [email protected]

Annual Subscriptions. . The subscription for 2021 – 22 is a single payment of £50 in September, or two payments of £28, in September and January respectively. If you would like to pay using on-line banking, see Michael Gascoigne-Pees for details.

Rehearsal-only Membership.  Those members who enjoy attending rehearsals, but do not wish to sing in the concert, are eligible for a complimentary ticket instead of their place on the concert stage.

Eligibility to sing in Concerts. There is a requirement that all members should attend most rehearsals in preparation for a concert. Because of the size of the choir and the limited capacity of the stage in the Parish Church it may be necessary to limit the number of sopranos and altos for a particular concert still further. That decision would be made on the basis of individual attendance figures during the term, so please ensure that your name is ticked off on the register each week , and be aware that if too many rehearsals are missed you may not be able to sing in the concert.

Absence.  If it is not possible to attend a rehearsal please inform your section representative by phone or email. Any prolonged absence should be notified to the Membership Secretary.

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