Covid Risk Assessment

The following measures are designed to make the rehearsals as safe as possible and will be reviewed regularly in light of prevailing government guidelines and risk in the community. We will not be policing whether they are being followed, so it is down to trust that you follow them. If we all comply, we have the greatest chance of continuing to hold rehearsals in future, and staying free of Covid.  

  1. We require ALL MEMBERS TO BE DOUBLE VACCINATED. Please do not come to rehearsal if:   
    • you have symptoms / feel unwell you have tested positive (PCR or Lateral flow)
    • you have been told to self-isolate 
    • someone you have close contact with has tested positive  
    • you are quarantining after a visit abroad

Please carry out a lateral flow test if there is uncertainty about your condition 

  1. If travelling together to and from rehearsal, consider wearing a face mask. 
  2. At Rehearsal:
    • Be respectful of each other’s space, and maintain a social distance when moving around (1m). 
    • We will provide hand gel should you wish to sanitise your hands on arrival.  
    • We will use all of the space in the church, including the side pews. Please leave a gap either side of you which is about one person wide. DO NOT sit shoulder to shoulder. If you can stagger your seating so you are looking at the gap in the row in front of you, all the better. 
    • Ensure you register with your part leader so we know who to contact if there is a problem. 
    • Avoid touching shared surfaces as much as possible. 
    • Depending on weather, and the options in the URC, we will consider if doors and/or windows need to be opened to maximise ventilation. However, it is a lofty space and this might not be required. But be prepared – consider warm clothing. 
    • We will not be serving refreshments so please bring your own. 
    • We will not be taking money (cash), so no charge will be made for scores this term.  
    • If you become unwell at rehearsal, go home and follow NHS procedures. 

If you become positive for Covid please inform David Wade (Chairman) or a member of the committee, and they will inform the membership, particularly the members with whom you were in close contact.